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April Lee Terrell

Writer. Author. Educator

Welcome to aprilleeterrell.com! I am a writer, author, educator, mother of two beautiful daughters, and a woman who strives to empower people to be their true self and live their very best life.  My goal is to create work that uplifts, inspires, and brings joy to all whom it encounters. Thank you for coming to visit.


About the Author

April Lee Terrell is partner of The American Mom; self-published author; and founder of Academic Solutions LLC.  April is dedicated to empowering women, inspiring children, and the world.

At seven years old, I discovered the gift of the pen. Playtime consisted of writing short stories, songs, and composing music.  Unaware I was creating art, writing gave me freedom other activities couldn’t fulfill. I wasn’t strong enough to vocalize my emotions,  so I wrote letters to people that caused me pain. Writing is my healing mechanism. In high school, I won an award for a poem I wrote about my secret eating disorder.  My mom learned of my struggle through my art, and at this moment she told me I would be a writer.  The decision to actualize my passion for writing renewed the freedom of my pastime. I write to heal, express my truth, and show love. I write to empower women, cultivate youth, and impact the world.  I write for freedom.